Ecology is everyone's business

Ecology is everyone's business

"Ecology is everyone's business" is the Rosprirodnadzor award for interesting, non–standard, creative ideas, initiatives, outstanding projects dedicated to environmental protection, respect for nature, environmental education and popularization of eco-culture.

The main goal of the project is to increase the environmental awareness of citizens, to involve children, youth and the older generation in the environmental agenda, to support their eco–activity in popular formats. The best projects will be selected by the jury – a professional and expert community of the environmental unit, journalism, culture and art. Nature is our home, the foundation of life and its well–being. Evolution and progress allow us to meet more and more needs. But human comfort has a downside. The load on the forest, air, and water resources is growing, and tons of waste are generated every second. The environment does not have time to adapt. Every day of our life leaves a mark. What it will be – everyone decides.

The terms of participation in the project, the conditions for submitting an application and more detailed conditions are indicated in the Award Regulations available for reading at the link https://экологияделокаждого.рф/doc/pologenie-2023.pdf.