10th Anniversary Tulpar Technic Ltd.

10th Anniversary Tulpar Technic Ltd.

This year Tulpar Technic Ltd. celebrates 10th anniversary. 10 years is a serious date that testifies the high quality of the organization’s work. You can look back and see what a great way has been passed, what a great job has been done, what a result has been achieved.

Tulpar Technic Ltd. is a dynamically developing aircraft maintenance organization, certified by the aviation authorities of Russia (FAP-285), Bermuda (BDA/AMO) and the European Union (EASA Part-145), which is an authorized service facility of the Bombardier aircraft Corporation (Canada).

We would like to sincerely thank and express our gratitude to all employees and partners for their joint work, as well as the huge contribution that everyone makes to the development of Tulpar Technic Ltd.